Ross Byrne: Why I’m supporting the Simon Home Run

Sometimes we take our everyday lives for granted. We get up in the morning and take a shower before putting on clean clothes and grabbing some breakfast before we run out to work, college or just to meet up with friends and family. For a lot of us this is just a typical day, but for others this just isn’t an option.

Thousands of adults, families and children are struggling all across the country. They have no support systems, society has left them behind and most importantly; they have no place to call home. I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I get to play a sport that I love everyday, but I’m not oblivious to the fact that I see people sleeping rough on the streets and struggling every single day.

That’s why I wanted to do more, that’s why I contacted the Dublin Simon Community to see if I could help in anyway at all. I’m proud to be the ambassador for their up and coming Simon Home Run. It’s a 5 Mile run in the Phoenix Park on Saturday, 6th October and it’s for all abilities and all members of the family. It doesn’t matter if you run, jog or walk, this is more than a run to the clients, residents and volunteers of the Dublin Simon Community. It’s a day where all of their supporters can come together and enjoy the day, while also bringing some attention to the current homeless and housing crisis we’re faced it.

I encourage you to give up some of your time and come up to the Phoenix Park and take part in the Simon Home Run. It’s a simple ask, but one that will go a long way to having a positive impact on somebody’s life.

By registering and taking part, you’re giving someone back their life. It could be years since they woke up in a warm, safe bed or had a hot cup of coffee in town with friends. It’s the little things in life that make us feel needed and appreciated.

Give someone back that feeling!

Join the movement for homes at

Thank you,


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