Q & A with Manager of Dublin Simon’s Detox Unit

Orla Condren is Nurse Manager of Dublin Simon Community’s Detox Unit

What is Dublin Simon’s Detox service?  

Dublin Simon Community detox unit is an 11 bed, nurse led , residential unit for people living in homelessness and addiction.  We support clients through a medical detox for alcohol / benzodiazepines, and work with them during their time in the unit to try to rebuild their lives and help them to move out of homelessness.

What are their challenges?  

Living in homelessness and addiction.  Generally there are legal issues / family issues as well.  Often due to addiction, clients struggle to sustain accommodation, and have moved around a lot or are rough sleeping on the streets. 

How long do they usually stay?  

In general, clients will stay between 3-6 weeks, dependent on what substances they are detoxing from

What does a good outcome for a client look like?  

As much as possible, we try to move clients into further treatment, that could be either with Dublin Simon Community or with external treatment services.  In situations where this is not possible, we try to link people in with addiction day services to try to support them in their recovery.  We also link them in with wrap-around services such a counselling.

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