Keeping Everyone Informed

At Dublin Simon Community, we have been closely following all recommendations and updates from the HSE in relation to Covid-19.

Our top priority at the moment is to protect our clients, staff, volunteers and the wider community and to do our part to #flattenthecurve. We are responding to this crisis in real-time alongside the latest developments and have tailored our way of working accordingly to ensure our staff and clients are armed with the equipment and information they need.

For the last number of weeks, we have been running an internal awareness campaign in our emergency accommodation, supported housing services, treatment facility and our office to help educate our community on the virus itself and the techniques each of us must employ to keep ourselves and others safe.

We have found the HSE posters on prevention, symptoms, general information and hand hygiene to be very clear and helpful in this regard. We have displayed them on the walls in several places throughout our offices and services, particularly in common areas and near sinks and have refreshed them with the latest versions as we moved from the “Containment” to the “Delay” phase.

A washing station in one of our supported housing services.









Dublin Simon has found the HSE posters to be helpful in spreading awareness and educating clients and staff.








An information session for clients at one of our emergency accommodation services.








Posters available for download and print here should you want them for your home or workplace. Click the images below to download.








Stay safe everyone.

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