The Longest Day 2016

Give Up Something You Love in Solidarity with People Experiencing Homelessness, Tomorrow 21 June 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Tomorrow, Tuesday 21st June on the longest day of the year Dublin Simon Community are asking you to give up something to help raise awareness and vital funds for people who are experiencing homelessness.

When you are homeless, walking the streets waiting for a bed that night or stuck in the four walls of a small hotel room with your family, days can seem so long. Imagine packing up everything you own on a daily basis with nowhere to go and nothing to keep you occupied…not knowing if you will have a safe place to sleep that night. Each moment can seem like a life time and everyday of the year can seem like The Longest Day.

Latest figures show another monthly increase in people becoming homeless. There are now almost 2,800 people suck in emergency homeless accommodation in Dublin, that doesn’t include over 1,800 children who are stuck in hotel rooms, B&Bs and other homeless accommodation or the 171 people without a safe place to sleep at night. Hour after hour living without the most basics things that we take for granted each day….being able to cook a meal, wash your clothes or close your own safe door to the world at the end of each day.

Tomorrow, 21st June, in solidarity with people who are living in this despair, we’re asking you to challenge yourself and experience what it feels like when you have to live without the simplest of things. You can give up anything you wish, from your morning coffee to social media activity or going bare faced with no makeup for the day.

There will be at least 17 hours of daylight and we’re asking you to live without something you love for that length of time. Your aim is to raise at least €1 for every hour you’re living without whatever you decide to give up until the sun sets on the Longest Day.

Support the campaign

  • Let us know what you’re giving up on the day by messaging or recording a video of yourself and sending it to us via social media. You can get involved in the campaign by following us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Snapchat using the hashtag – #SimonLongestDay on 21 June.
  • Supporters of the campaign can set up their own fundraising page on or make a donation online at
  • You can also email us at or call (01) 6715551 for further information. 
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