Statement from Dublin Simon Community on Housing for All

Statement from Sam McGuinness, CEO of Dublin Simon Community, in response to the Housing for All Strategy, released today by the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage.

“We welcome the committed targets to eradicating homelessness, housing building and delivery, the enhancement and expansion of Housing First, the allocation of funding to enhance and improve supports to those who require access to healthcare and addiction treatment services, focus on one bed homes and increased allocation of social housing to those in long-term homelessness outlined in the Housing for All Strategy, released today by the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage.

“These key areas are in line with the Dublin Simon Community recommendations made to the Department and in our talks with the Minister for Housing through the Homeless Task Force meetings with the main NGOs. Their prioritization in this strategy is a testament to the cooperation in advocating across agencies including Government Departments, NGOs, Local Authorities and the HSE.

“Dublin Simon welcomes the continued commitment to provide funding for the ongoing operational costs of the 100-bed medical treatment and recovery facility at Ushers Island. Once constituted, a suite of core and complementary services will be delivered to respond to the need for healthcare treatment and recovery services for homeless individuals.

“As the market has evolved over the last number of years, we are pleased to see a focus on both housing supply and affordability and clear commitments to delivering homes for all. Attention now must be turned to the swift implementation of this plan within the given time frame to alleviate pressure on renters, first time buyers and those trapped in emergency accommodation. It is our hope that at each quarterly report, we will see progressively positive impact in the lives of our clients and the wider housing market in terms of availability and access to forever homes for all.”

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