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Dublin Simon Community says the urgent implementation of the Housing and Homeless Action Plan is needed

The Dublin Simon Community have today (22 August) commented on the latest emergency accommodation figures in Dublin for July, released by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive. The leading charity providing homeless services in Dublin said, that as the number of families and children becoming homeless continues to rise for another month, urgent implementation of the Housing and Homeless Action Plan is needed Speaking about the figures, Dublin Simon Community stated:

“The latest figures for July 2016 show that there were 2,020 children and 993 families in emergency accommodation in the Dublin Region. This compares with 1,894 children and 939 families in the previous month. If we compare this figure to July 2015 the number of homeless families was 556 – a shocking 79% increase.

“The rate of homelessness for children is also increasing at a rapid rate in Dublin and has exceeded 2,000 for the first time since current records began. In July 2015, there was 1,185 children in emergency accommodation. This is an astounding 70% increase in the last 12 months.”

“The continuing rise in the number of vulnerable families and children becoming homeless highlight once again the urgent need for the implementation of the Housing and Homeless Action Plan. The new action plan has outlined measures to limit the use of Emergency Accommodation for families in Dublin and ensure that hotels are only used in limited circumstances by mid 2017. It promises 1,000 rapid housing units 200 by 2016, 800 by 2017. The Housing Agency initiative will acquire an additional 1,600 vacant houses by 2021. These changes are vital and necessary to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness and we would encourage urgent implementation to prevent the
detrimental impact from increasing any further.”

Dublin Simon Community continued;

“The latest figures highlight the urgent need for the comprehensive actions outlined in Rebuilding Ireland. This ambitious and detailed plan makes it clear that housing and homelessness is a top Government priority. For the first time we are seeing genuine cross department and agency partnerships in order to provide solutions for people who are homeless, with a particular emphasis on moving people out of homelessness and prevention measures to keep people in their own homes.”

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