Kathryn Thomas launches the first ever Simon Home Run

Irish TV presenter is calling on people to join the movement for homes

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Kathryn Thomas today launched the first ever #SimonHomeRun. The much loved Irish television presenter asked people to join the movement for homes at a time when the homeless crisis is at unprecedented levels.

Speaking about the event, Simon Home Run organiser John Sansome said:

“For the past 33 years, the Dublin Simon Community have hosted the Fun Run in the Phoenix Park. However, this 07 October 2017 as we come to the 34th year of the event, the homeless situation is the worst we have ever seen and we wanted the event to reflect the gravity of the problem.

“To do this, we’ve changed the event to the #SimonHomeRun. We need people to join us and hit the pavement for the five mile run/walk; not just for fun but for Homes! We hope that in addition to raising essential funds for homes, the strong message will inspire people to join the movement against the homeless epidemic and encourage thousands more to show their support this October.

“So in the name of homes, we’re asking people to come together and show solidarity with the thousands of adults and children who are, as we speak, trapped in the despair of homelessness.”

Speaking about the event, Kathryn Thomas said:

“I’m encouraging as many people as possible to sign up to the #SimonHomeRun and get down to the Phoenix Park on 07 October. Register today and ask your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, Facebook friends, Instagram followers and whoever else you can think of, to join you. The gravity of the housing and homeless crisis, as well as the level of response that’s required from Dublin Simon Community to meet the unprecedented need for accommodation and support, needs this year’s event to top all others and for that they need your help.”

The Simon Home Run aims to get 3,000 involved on 07 October. Participants can run or walk the five mile route around the beautiful Phoenix Park. There will be kids’ activities on the day with food and entertainment for all to enjoy. It’s an enjoyable morning out for an important cause.

To get involved in the movement for homes, register for the Simon Home Run today: WWW.HOMERUN.IE

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