Dublin Simon welcome announcement of extra 200 emergency beds

The leading homeless and housing agency make the statement two days after they counted a record number of people sleeping rough in the city*

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Dublin Simon Community today (22 Sept 2016) welcomed the announcement of 200 extra emergency beds in the city and the Government’s commitment to fund Dublin Simon Community’s Intermediate Care, Step Up Step Down, facility at Ushers Island in Dublin 8.

The charity were responding to Minister Coveney’s announcement on Pillar One of the Government’s Housing and Homeless Action Plan, Rebuilding Ireland.

Speaking about the initiative, Sam McGuinness of the Dublin Simon Community said:

“We are extremely encouraged by Minister Coveney and Minister Harris’s support and commitment to fund our Intermediate Care, Step Up Step Down, facility in Ushers Island. When operational, this will provide step down stays so that homeless persons can recuperate from surgery or intense treatment, while at the same time providing step up support for people preparing for alcohol detox and stabilisation prior to hospital admission, surgery or treatment. This will not only decrease reliance on hospital beds, but will also ensure that people who are homeless will have the best possible health outcome.”

Mr. McGuinness went on to welcome the provision of 200 extra beds:

“The extra capacity of beds in the city will provide hope to at least 168 vulnerable people who are sleeping rough in the city and the additional 60 people who are without a bed in the MQI night café. With emergency beds across the city operating at full capacity each night, the allocation of 200 new beds will provide much needed respite and will urgently get people off the streets to safety as we move towards the colder winter months.”

Mr. McGuinness also responded to the announcement from Minister Simon Harris of an additional €2 million for support services for people who are homeless, and the commitment to treble this to €6 million next year and the year after.

“Minster Harris’s announcement today will ensure that more vulnerable people will have access to primary care, addiction and mental health services. These services are vital not only to address the issues that may have led to people becoming homeless, but also to address the detrimental impact their experience has had on their physical and mental health.”

Mr. McGuinness went on to emphasise the need for urgent action in the city, welcoming the confirmation of the delivery of 327 of rapid builds by the end of the year.

“For the first time we are seeing genuine cross department and agency partnerships in order to provide solutions for people who are homeless, identifying and addressing the reality of what people are facing, with a particular emphasis on moving people out of homelessness, prevention measures to keep people in their own homes and ensure supports are in place to help people and families overcome the devastating impact of living without a place to call home.”

Early Moring Street Count

  • *Dublin Simon Community Early Morning Street Counts take place twice a week between 5-7am, in the inner city centre area below. On 20 September the team counted 168 people, averaging at 150 so far in September. The counts are conducted by our rough Sleeper Team who provided housing assistance, harm reduction and medical services to an excess of 150 individual clients each month in 2015.
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