Dublin Simon Responds to the Spring 2023 Rough Sleeper Count

Dublin Simon Community CEO Catherine Kenny responds to the Spring 2023 Rough Sleeping Count released by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive on Monday the 17th.

“We welcome today’s publication of the Spring 2023 Rough Sleeping Count by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive. The report found 83 people to be sleeping rough in Dublin.

“While the reduction is positive, and a testament to the cooperation between the Dublin Simon Outreach team and DRHE, the number of people sleeping out on the city’s streets is still far too high. Nobody should have to sleep rough, and our Outreach team will continue to engage with those who remain to provide housing options, referral to critical treatment services, address barriers to accepting accommodation, and advocate on their behalf with partners across the sector.

“Furthermore, while rough sleeping is declining, the number of people in emergency accommodation continues to climb. People are also spending far longer in emergency accommodation because there are no social or affordable homes available for them. Sheltered accommodation is safer than rough sleeping, but nowhere is safer than inside your own front door.

“If you see someone in need of support, the Dublin Outreach team are on the street from 7am – 1am and can be contacted via the Dublin Rough Sleeper app.”


Catherine Kenny, CEO of Dublin Simon Community