Dublin Simon Community Disappointed to Mark Another Increase in Homeless Figures

Dublin 25th August 2023: As the July Homeless Report is launched, Dublin Simon Community is disappointed to mark another month passing with an increase in the number of people in emergency accommodation nationally, now standing at 12,847. In Dublin 9,484 adults and children were housed in emergency accommodation in July, an increase of just over 2% on the June figure.

The homelessness charity has stated that the current level of demand for homeless services is unparalleled in the more than 50 years since its founding. Furthermore, the phenomenon of employed people entering emergency accommodation is persisting, according to its frontline managers. 

CEO of Dublin Simon Community, Catherine Kenny, said: “The delivery of housing units is not keeping pace with the unprecedented surge of people entering homelessness. This is compounded by the fact that the number of people exiting homelessness into housing is wholly unsatisfactory.    

  “We cannot understate the detrimental impact of homelessness on a person’s health and wellbeing. It is a life-altering and traumatising experience, and being stranded in emergency accommodation for an indefinite period exacerbates that trauma.”    

She added: “As the foundations are being laid for medium to long term housing delivery, we are calling on Government to bring relief to the thousands of people being affected by the homelessness crisis in the here and now. Homeless services must be fully funded. All available capital funding for housing supply must be put to use. The delivery of one and two bed units is absolutely integral.    

  “The time has come to herald in a new age for society where homelessness becomes a dark but distant memory.”