Our teams of volunteers and staff deliver vital services to people who are homeless. They are committed, innovative and passionate, and are determined to tackle the challenges of homelessness and help people move forward with their lives with dignity and strength.

If you would like to be an Agent for Change and this sounds like the type of Community that you would like to be part of, contact our HR Team at careers@dubsimon.ie or our Volunteer Office at ftv@dubsimon.ie or click on the links below to find out more.

Careers: https://www.dubsimon.ie/who-we-are/careers/

Volunteering: https://www.dubsimon.ie/get-involved/volunteer/

Our dedicated teams of volunteers and staff continue to be agents for change for those who rely on our services. Read their words below.

“It’s not a boring job. You get to meet a lot of different personalities from severe backgrounds and it’s uplifting to work with them. We go out to the emergency hostels, long term accommodation, respite and detox. We do groups on theory, health education, stress management, and meditation. Mentally it’s building them up, that they’re coming in here and they’re doing something good for themselves. They come in and do ten minutes, the next time they do twenty. Then there is the social aspect. They all know each other, and can bond with each other. It’s like a little community for them. It’s very intimidating for anybody walking into a gym, but this is their gym, that’s how I put it to them. It’s not my gym, it’s theirs.”

“There’s a lot of little changes you see, even from people who would be anxious about coming to one to ones to loving going every week. My art group in our Recovery service has every piece of work all of them have every done up all over the kitchen, the shelves and the window sills. Every time I go there it’s really lovely to see because they’re obviously proud of it that they’re displaying it. It’s their space and their work and they’ve put it up. Things like that really keep you going. It can be a great way of developing self esteem, to be able to express yourself and put it out there and whatever you create to be okay. Building that kind of confidence and engaging in an activity that is seen as beautiful or valued can be really important.”