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Get your family, friends or classmates to support you and organise a fundraising event in your school. Whatever you want to do, the Simon fundraising team is here to support you and offer you any materials and resources available to assist you. By organising an event you are making a valuable contribution to Dublin Simon Community, helping to alleviate the problem of homelessness.

If you need a bit of help thinking of what you’d like to do to support Dublin Simon, check out our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas and fill in our Fundraise for Simon registration form. If you need t-shirts, collection buckets or posters you can contact fundraising on (01) 6715551.

Resources for teachers/students

Dublin Simon Community was founded in 1969 when a group of Trinity and UCD students, inspired by Simon founder Anton Wallich-Clifford, began a nightly soup run on the streets of Dublin. For over 40 years Dublin Simon has maintained its strong links with colleges and schools around the city, bringing the issues surrounding homelessness directly into the classroom.

In order to generate awareness about homelessness and the work that we do here at Dublin Simon Community we offer schools and colleges speakers from Dublin Simon who can show you an informative dvd, provide the class with a reading resource and answer any questions you may have. If you would like someone to visit your school or college please call (01) 6715551 or email: fundraising@dubsimon.ie

Please click here to find out more about Dublin Simon Community services and the work we do.

School Speaker

School Speakers

Dublin Simon Community has a dedicated school speaker and an informative dvd to help students understand homelessness, its causes and consequences.
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