Your generosity can go even further to help those experiencing homelessness thanks to tax relief on donations of €250 or more. 

Make Your Donation Grow

Donation amount Tax refund amount Total donation + tax refund
€250 €112.32 €362.32
€500 €224.64 €724.64
€1,000 €449.28 €1,449.28

Download CHY3 Form

For each donation totaling €250.00 or more, Dublin Simon is eligible to claim an extra €112.32+ in tax back from The Revenue Commissioner. This additional funding is critical in keeping our services running throughout the year, amounting to 31% extra for each donation. The larger your donation, the higher the amount that Dublin Simon will receive back from Revenue. 

You can now sign up to give Dublin Simon Community permission to claim the tax back on your donations for the next 5 years or the previous 5 years. This will support us both financially by reducing the time spent on administration – meaning we can focus our attention on delivering our vital services, as we won’t need to send the form again each year. It does not mean that you are committing to donating for another 5 years, it means if you do choose to donate again, Dublin Simon has permission to claim the money back on your future donations. 

Download CHY4 Form – Valid for one year 

Download CHY3 Form – Enduring Certificate Valid for 5 years 

Dublin Simon is now eligible to claim the tax back for self-assessed taxpayers as well as PAYE taxpayers who have made donations totaling €250.00 or more per tax year. Claiming this tax back for Dublin Simon Community applies to one-off donations or separate installments in a given tax year, such as monthly donations. 

Simply go to to submit your form online, or download the relevant form(s) above, complete your details, sign and send back to us at the below address: 

Fundraising Department
Dublin Simon Community
5 Red Cow Lane
Smithfield, Dublin 7 

Please find our FAQ section below if you need more information. If you have any other questions that have not been answered, please call us on 01-6715551 or email for advice. 

Companies who donate to Dublin Simon Community can avail themselves of tax relief on their donation as we are a registered charity, our registered charity number is 5963.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are a self-assessed or PAYE taxpayer and have made a donation of €250 or more in one calendar year to Dublin Simon Community, we can claim an additional 31% on your donation. The form must be submitted through the registered charity, you cannot submit the form to Revenue yourself. 

In order to claim tax, we need your PPS number and your signature. You can download the form(s) above and send to us, or submit online at  

A CHY3 form is valid for 5 years inclusive. So, a form signed year starting 2023 is valid from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2027. 

A CHY4 form is valid for one year. So, a form signed in 2023 is valid from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023. 

The relief is calculated by grossing up the donation at the specified rate. The specified rate is currently 31%. 

To calculate the refund amount:  

(X/69) x 100 – X  

X is the donation amount  

Example: 250/69 x 100 – 250 = €112.32 

You will not be able to claim a refund yourself of the same tax. 

You must have paid tax to the Irish Revenue system during the years we are claiming for. Your donations for the year must equal a total of €250 or more. Direct debits and recurring monthly gifts are also valid, as long as they total €250 or more in one year 

Each year, we can submit a claim to Revenue as far back as 4 years ago. So, in 2023, we can submit a claim for each year from 2019 

We cannot claim on donations adding up to €1mil or more in one calendar year from one individual donor. For each CHY form claim, the amount of the refund cannot be more than the amount of tax paid by the donor in the same year. 

Yes, you can sign the form for each approved body. The refund will be granted to the first charity that submits the claim.   

If you have been asked to sign a form for us, it means the previous form(s) we have on record for you are out of date. The enduring certificate lasts for 5 years, after this point we can no longer use the form to claim on your donations, and we will request that you sign a new one for us.  

You will find your PPSN on any correspondence from Revenue or on your pay slip from work. Your PPSN will be seven digits with one (or sometimes two) letters at the end. 

We prioritise the safety and security of all confidential donor details. Physical tax forms are stored securely. Only a limited number of people on our team have access to these records. Digital copies are recorded on our secure CRM system. After five years, all copies of the forms will be destroyed under GDPR regulations. 

We don’t have access to any of your tax details. Revenue does not disclose individual details on the rate you pay or if you are self-assessed.  

Please call us on 01-671-5551 if you have any queries or concerns about the safety of your data.  

To ensure we receive each form securely and confidentially, we do not accept forms by email. If you wish to submit the form online, please go to where you can fill it out securely. 

If you want to make sure the form was received online by us, you can email or call 01-671-5551.  

If you are jointly assessed as a couple either party can sign the form with their own PPS number. Please ensure the name and the PPSN on the form are for the same person. 

Unfortunately, you need to be a valid taxpayer in order for us to be able to claim the donation. If you paid tax in the year the donation was made, then you can sign the form.  

Unfortunately, you need to be a valid taxpayer in order for us to be able to claim the donation. If you paid tax in the year the donation was made, then you can sign the form. 

If you don’t want us to send you any information regarding tax relief, please email us at or call 01-671-5551 and let us know, we can mark this on your record. 

If you have received a form from us but you are not a valid taxpayer, please let us know so we can mark this on your record and refrain from contacting you again about tax. 

The amount of tax you pay should be at least equal to the tax that we are going to claim in respect of your donations. If the amount claimed is more than the amount of tax paid in the year, Revenue will not give a full refund to Dublin Simon Community. 

If you sign a CHY3 form, this is an enduring certificate valid for 5 years. Therefore, if you donate to Dublin Simon each year, we can still use the same form. 

If you choose to sign a CHY4 form, this will need to be re-signed each year.  

Yes, if you wish to cancel your enduring certificate, please email us at and we can remove it from your record.  

The form will remain on your record; we can only claim from Revenue if a donation of €250 or more is made. You are under no obligation to donate again.  

Yes, if the donor had paid tax in the year the donation was made, we can still claim from Revenue. The executor of the Will can sign the form on the donor’s behalf. 

Please let us know the donor is deceased so we can reflect in our records.