The Dublin Simon Community Addiction Support Aftercare programme is part of a specialised regional Supported Temporary Accommodation and is focused on providing a supportive, comprehensive programme at the mid stages of Addiction Recovery.

59 people accessed our Addiction Support Aftercare programme during 2018.

“I was treated with the kindness you need when you come in off the streets because your spirits are so low. The support and key working that they gave me was crucial. You can go from detox to rehab and then onto aftercare so the service acts as a stepping stone towards independent living.”

– Adam, Simon Client

Each individual’s transition to and through recovery is a deeply personal process and is generally seen as a personal journey rather than a set outcome. The Addiction Support Aftercare Service is a low threshold programme targeted specifically at people that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The programme is from 12 – 24 months in duration.

Addiction Support Aftercare Service statement: Our aim is to provide, a safe and supportive low threshold post-treatment service. To support people that want to address their addictions and behaviours as a barrier to moving out of homelessness. Our service is underpinned by the following approaches: Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person Centred Approach (PCA) and Systemic Therapy (ST). It is one that may involve developing: hope, a secure base and sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and a sense of meaning. Through the use of these modalities we support individuals to address their addictions as a barrier to exiting homelessness.

Staff: There are two trained Addiction Support Project Workers who are experts at managing addiction recovery and related behaviour who ensure the running of the service on a daily basis. In addition, the unit is staffed by the Recovery and Aftercare Manager and one Addiction Support Volunteer. We understand that coming in to begin the Aftercare process can be an anxious time and a stressful event for clients and we would like to reassure them that they will be kept safe and supported during the process.

The Programme: Clients availing of the service attend one to one key- working and group work is provide twice weekly to discuss issues such as personal matters, thinking- feelings- behaviour, addiction history, high risk situations and relapse prevention management etc. The groups are very good for building interpersonal skills. The groups are facilitated by the Addiction Support Team, who also works with clients on an individual basis to address their needs. Groups include: Relapse Prevention, Progress Review Groups, Anger Managements and Conflict Resolution Skills, Communication Skills – Assertiveness Skills, Develop Social Support networks and support group and Mindfulness.

  • 18 years and over, male or female
  • Registered as homeless with any of the four Dublin local authorities.
  • Clients with a history of homelessness and engaged with homeless services
  • Clients that meet the criteria above and are alcohol and drug free
  • Clients who are stable on prescribed medication
  • Clients that can engage in our programme and one-to-one key-working

There is a detailed referral form which can be obtained here or alternatively the office is open Monday to Friday 9-5. Please ensure that the form is completed in full with a signed Referrers letter attached, stating that the client is fit for undertaking the aftercare programme. There are additional requirement for clients on methadone which are explained in more detail on the referral form. Referrals are accepted from Homeless Agencies, Central Placement Service and other Addiction Treatment Centres.