The Dublin Simon Community Addiction Inreach Homeless Action Team (HAT) is a service that is focused on assisting and supporting clients in various phases of addiction treatment to secure accommodation appropriate to their needs.

In 2019, our Homeless Action Team continued to provide a supportive low-threshold, addiction specific accommodation service to 129 clients who were supported to identify suitable move-on options. The service is targeted specifically at people that are in addiction treatment, (*only those services named in the below referral criteria) and are homeless and/or at risk of becoming homeless.

Clients are supported to liaise with their local authorities, apply to get registered for housing, and refer to further treatment, drug-free accommodation, long term supported accommodation, private rented through the HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) scheme or a facilitated return to friends and family. This is achieved through the use of the Housing Needs Assessment and the PASS system.

The staff in Dublin Simon have helped me in every aspect of rebuilding my life and maintaining my recovery. From my first meeting with my HAT worker, they reated me with compassion and empowered me to live a fulfilling life with a beautiful place to live in and call home. I am eternally grateful for their continued support as are my family and loved ones.

– Simon Client

All the years I had been homeless I never received a level of support like I did from the HATS service. I could not believe that within 9 months of being in Teach Mhuire I had a home to call my own.  I know that the HATS service provides a lot of support and advocate tremendously for clients. They always come back with feedback, you’re always updated on what’s happening and what’s next. (HAT client)”

– Simon Client

The Addiction IN reach HATS Service is a low threshold service targeted specifically at people that are in Addiction Treatment, are homeless and or at risk of becoming homeless. The service is provided for up to six months in duration.

Addiction IN reach HATS: Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive low threshold post-treatment move on service. To support people that want to find their next step in move on’s, whether that be to further treatment, long term STAs, private rented or a facilitated return to friends and family. We do this through the use of the Housing Needs Assessment and the PASS system.

  • 18 years or more
  • Referred from *Coolmine, Teach Mhuire, Dublin Simon Community Recovery Services, Cuan Dara, Keltoi, Soilse ( Henrietta or Green St) and RIS
  • Clients who are homeless or have a housing need
  • Clients who are alcohol and drug-free and are stabilized on prescribed medication

There are two trained Addiction HAT Project Workers, one who supports the HSE treatment services (Cuan Dara, Keltoi, Soilse (Henrietta Street) and one who supports the DRHE treatment services (Dublin Simon Community, Teach Mhuire and Coolmine)

Accessing the service: Referrals are made by staff in these treatment services, and an assessment is then carried out by the HAT team to explore with the client what options are available to them.