At Dublin Simon Community we believe meaningful activities are central to providing structure, purpose, health and wellbeing in the lives of people using our services.  Everyone in society has a right to access services enabling physical and psychological health and wellbeing. Our service strives to address the inequity of access to exercise facilities and expertise for the homeless to access the enormous physical and mental benefits of exercise.

Our Gym, The Wellbeing Room, is a place for individuals to focus on their physical and mental health in a fun and interactive way. Through the Health & Wellbeing services, we offer a variety of programmes to help those in need. Since opening the Wellbeing Room February 2017 we have extended our invitation for referrals from all homeless and addiction centres across the city. We have fostered a partnership with all other homeless services, dealing with the growing demand due to the homeless crisis and as the surge in homelessness continues so to does the demand and need of our service.

“My whole recovery is around the Health and Wellbeing service. I train here every day and I do the fun runs, football training and swimming too. I’d be lost without it all. It all happened through this gym. Sometimes, you think there is no hope but there is hope but it takes just one person to believe in you for things to go right.”

-Tara, Health and Wellbeing Client

A fun and friendly approach to health and wellbeing through education, nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle change by promoting healthy habits among both clients and staff.

Health and Wellbeing in the media:

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Our Mission:

Our aim is to help people achieve a balanced lifestyle through means of health education, nutritional advice, movement, and mindfulness activities.

Developing confidence is our key aim at the Health and Wellbeing service. It is our goal to help restore client confidence. Confidence that may have been lost through years of addiction, relationship breakdown or any other reason one may find themself looking to us for help.

Many people who are linked in with us or have been involved with us in the past have reported positive attitudes towards their overall health and wellbeing. Clients have been successful in cutting down on smoking habits, experienced improvements in body composition through healthier diets as well as improved mental attitude. It is important to us that each client regain and retain a positive attitude towards other things that are going on in their lives providing people with the courage and self-belief to move forward themselves.

  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Group Strength and Conditioning classes
  • Dublin Simon Community Water Club
  • Dublin Simon Community F.C.
  • Nutritional advise and planning
  • Mindfulness
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy & mobility sessions
  • Health Promotion Workshops
  • Dublin Simon running club

For anyone currently or previously involved with the Dublin Simon Community who may be interested in healthy eating, becoming more active or would like to get involved in any of our services or sports events offered please contact JT Treanor, The Health and Wellbeing Service, on 086 130 4320 or email: for a referral form.