The Soup Run operates 365 days of the year with more than 100 volunteers delivering support on Dublin’s streets. 

Today’s Soup Run is modelled on the work of the founding volunteers who began delivering soup, sandwiches and support to Dublin’s homeless population in 1969.

Today, more than 100 part-time volunteers walk the streets in all weather offering soup, sandwiches, tea and a friendly face to people sleeping rough on Dublin’s streets.

This service is funded by donations and our Soup Run volunteers are often the first point of contact for people experiencing homelessness.  This service creates a link into homelessness support services, a first step in rebuilding lives.

“Then I started to link in with the Simon Community who were working on the streets of Dublin. To be able to meet with the staff or have a cup of tea with the Soup Run volunteers meant so much to me. I knew they weren’t judging me and they understood what I was going through.”

– Peter, Simon Client

Working with our Outreach Team, Soup Run volunteers provide vital supports.  This includes: conducting street searches for people sleeping rough; building relationships and maintaining regular contact, and assisting in accessing services to support rebuilding their lives. To contact the Soup Run team call (01) 889 5800 or email