Nobody Should be on Our Streets for Christmas

Dublin Simon Community Responds to October 2020 Homeless Report

Dublin Simon Community has responded to the October 2020 Homeless Report with a plea that nobody should be on our streets for Christmas.

According to the report, released today by the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage, among those 6,367 people recorded in emergency accommodation in Dublin during October 2020 are:

4,297 total adults
3,051 single adults
858 families
2,070 children

Dublin Simon Community CEO Sam McGuinness said:

“We are disappointed to see a rise in the number of people recorded in emergency accommodation this October and understand that this rise is in part explained by the addition of necessary cold weather initiative emergency beds for the winter 2020/21.

“It is not acceptable for anyone to be on the street for Christmas, especially as we approach an extraordinary Christmas in this Covid-19 environment. The winter plan is now in place with Statutory bodies and NGOs to ensure accommodation with Outreach support is available to those on the street. Everyone needs a bed in a safe and secure accommodation.

“We must also amplify our prevention measures to stem the flow into homelessness and renew our focus on increasing our social housing build initiatives to release the bottleneck in the emergency accommodation system.”

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