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Eviction Ban – Advice for Tenants at Risk

General Advice

As the eviction ban is lifted we offer advice and information to anyone affected or at risk.

Dublin, 31st March 2023: If you are facing homelessness at the present time, we advise you to check with your local authority to ensure that you are on the Housing List. If, for any reason, you find that you are not on the Housing List, an application form can be obtained from your local authority. We recommend completing an application as soon as you are able.

If you are concerned or worried about your tenancy, we invite you to contact us to discuss this. Our Tenant Information and Support Service offers a brief assessment of your situation and can provide information, advice and support to tenants at risk of homelessness. We can be contacted on 01 6354888 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. You can also email us at prevention@dubsimon.ie

If you receive a Notice of Termination, it is vital that you have this notice checked to ensure that it is legally valid. Dublin City Council advise all tenants to have any notice validated by Threshold, the National Housing Charity. Threshold can be contacted on 1800 454454.

If you have a valid Notice of Termination, please check the table below to ensure you have the correct termination date.

Winter Eviction Ban Postponed Termination Dates

Initial termination date Length of tenancy New termination date
30 Oct 2022 – 31 Jan 2023 Less than 6 months 1 May 2023
1 Feb 2023 – 31 Mar 2023 Less than 6 months 18 June 2023
30 Oct 2022 – 31 Jan 2023 6 months or longer but less than 1 year 1 May 2023
1 Feb 2023 – 31 Mar 2023 6 months or longer but less than 1 year 1 June 2023
30 Oct 2022 – 31 Jan 2023 1 year or longer but less than 7 years 15 April 2023
1 Feb 2023 – 31 Mar 2023 1 year or longer but less than 7 years 1 May 2023
30 Oct 2022 – 31 Mar 2023 More than 7 years 1 April 2023

The Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) has published a brochure with useful information for those affected by the eviction ban ending. This can be accessed at: https://www.homelessdublin.ie/our-work/news/advice-on-notices-of-termination


We encourage you to talk to a trusted friend or family member to verbalise what you are going through. Talking helps your mental health. Feeling overwhelmed is understandable. Knowing your legal rights may provide you with some sense of control during this worrying process.

Finally, we would like to express our solidarity with all those facing homelessness at this time. You are not alone.