Dublin Simon Community’s Weather Warning Response

Dublin Simon Community is putting in place a number of additional emergency measures this week to protect people experiencing homelessness in anticipation of any impact of Storm Lorenzo and subsequent weather warnings.

Dublin Outreach

Dublin Outreach, our street outreach service provided by Dublin Simon Community in partnership with the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, will deliver increased capacity on the streets for the duration of the weather warning. Teams will be engaging with people who may be rough sleeping or at risk, providing access to emergency accommodation for anyone who needs it.

We would continue to encourage the public to notify teams of people sleeping rough in the Dublin region by logging the details at the link below:


Dublin Outreach Service Contact Details:

7am to 1am

01 872 0185


Emergency Accommodation

Dublin Simon Community will have increased bed capacity in our emergency accommodation services. These will run for the length of the bad weather spell and will be on a 24 hour basis.

Soup Run and Social Club

Our Soup Run and Social Club Volunteers will continue to work with Dublin Outreach, identifying those who may be at risk of rough sleeping, providing access to shelter.

We will continue to work in partnership with the DRHE, Housing First and other charities to co-ordinate outreach to people experiencing homelessness.

For anyone who is rough sleeping or at risk outside the Dublin region please contact your relevant local authority for support.

If you are currently homeless or at risk of homelessness please visit the below link for more detail on how to access support:


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