Dublin Simon Community Responds to funding shortfall for homeless services

Dublin Simon Community Response to funding shortfall for homeless services

In response to the announcement regarding the current funding shortfall of €18.5 million for homeless services in Dublin, Sam McGuinness of Dublin Simon Community said: “We are extremely concerned at the ongoing confusion around funding for homeless services in Dublin. All our services, and homeless services across Dublin, continue to operate at maximum capacity and the consequences of any cuts to budgets could be detrimental to the lives of the people and families who are relying on us.

“We continue to face a rising tide of homelessness with increasing numbers of people, families and children trapped in despair and uncertainty with nowhere to go. Over 2,100 adults and over 1,100 children are stuck in emergency accommodation in the Dublin region alone, many accessing hotel rooms with no facilities to cook or clean, with often just a bed to share.”

“Sadly, as this crisis continues to worsen, these people and families have no move-on options available and they will remain trapped in unsuitable accommodation on a long-term basis. This means the majority of the homeless budget is being absorbed by emergency responses which, although necessary, reduces the funding available for more permanent housing options and services to prevent people becoming homeless in the first place.”

“Government response now needs to move into urgent, tangible action. We welcome the Lord Mayor of Dublin’s suggestion for an immediate meeting of Dublin City Council with the Minister for the Environment to finally resolve this crisis, this needs to happen as quickly as possible.”

“Every day, children are facing the anguish and trauma of being without a place to call home; leaving a devastating impact, not only on their childhood, but on their future. We in the Simon Community can see the damaging, long-term impact of growing up in insecure and unsafe environments and if the current situation continues these detrimental effects will be seen for decades to come.”

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