CE Engagement participant Graham shares his experience

Dublin Simon Community’s CE Engagement scheme provides a part time structured employment and educational programme which consists of 1:1 support & guidance, training and variety of work placements. The scheme is designed for people coming out of homelessness to help them prepare for the workforce. CE Engagement participant Graham shares his experience on this week’s blog.

“I decided to go on the CE scheme as I felt I was not ready to begin full-time employment. I first heard about it from my key worker in Ellen Hall, who had already participated in the scheme previously. I was very interested in this and planned to use the CE Scheme to build my confidence and to work towards part-time employment.

There are many different aspects to my role, such as, grounds keeping in a number of services, small maintenance jobs, office upkeep and cleaning, filling skips and helping to order skips. I’m also a kitchen hand in Chapelizod. I received training in trips/slips and falls, Boundaries, Manual Handling, and Health and Safety.

My confidence has grown so much with the support from all staff members in Dublin Simon. It keeps me busy. CE has provided me with a good structure and meaningful activity which improves my recovery and social skills. The main support I feel I have received is that the organisation that I am in knows about my life struggles, mental health, and past experience of addiction/homelessness.

My plans are now to gain full-time employment as I feel I should be ready by the time I finish my CE. I have received a lot of training and knowledge from this CE and will bring these tools into any job opportunities.”

If you or someone you know is recovering from homelessness and would like to gain work experience in a supported environment, please contact ce_engagement@dubsimon.ie