Corporate Fundraising

Whatever the size of your organisation or the level of commitment you can give, we can work together and make a difference to people affected by homelessness.

How We Can Work Together

Dublin Simon Community’s Corporate Fundraising team would be delighted to develop a relationship with your company and to tailor a fundraising programme which will benefit both Dublin Simon and your company. We will ensure our tailor-made programme will meet your objectives and can be integrated into your plans.

There are many different initiatives Dublin Simon Community offers as part of our CSR package. See below to select the fundraising initiatives  best suited to your organisation or contact our Corporate Fundraising team directly by calling (01) 672 8966 or email

The Longest Challenge on The Longest Day

This June 21st is Ireland’s Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year.
It’s a day where many of us can come together and make the most of the welcome stretch in the evenings. But for someone who is experiencing homelessness every day can feel like the Longest Day. When you have nowhere to call home and no community to call on, you feel vulnerable and isolated. The longer the day, the longer the challenge of homelessness can be.

At Dublin Simon Community, our frontline workers are safeguarding our clients through these especially long days. By providing supported accommodation, healthy food, key-working, counselling, medical treatment and physically distant social activities, they are making sure no one feels they are facing these already challenging times on their own.

We’re calling on our community of corporate partners to come together on June 21st to challenge yourselves and stand in solidarity with our frontline workers and the people that we support 365 days of the year.

How you can make a difference

For this year’s Longest Day campaign in partnership with JANDO, we are asking you and your teams to challenge yourselves and help raise vital funds for Dublin Simon Community.

You can do this by taking part in The Longest Challenge on The Longest Day, where we invite teams to get together virtually and get competitive to see who can take on their challenge for the longest time!

Whether it’s the longest plank, the longest wall-sit, the longest round of push-ups or anything else – you choose what will challenge your team, while raising critical funds for Dublin Simon Community.

The Longest Challenge not for you? There are a whole host of ways that you can dig deep and support us on the day – from hosting your own virtual event to purchasing one of JANDO’s specially designed “Dawn to Dusk” prints for Dublin Simon Community, or joining our community to take a Dip from Dawn to Dusk!

Whatever you choose, we will provide your team with a bespoke online fundraising page to share amongst your teams and within your network to help raise funds and we’ll be here to support you with anything else that you need to support your activity.

Challenge yourself and show your support on the Longest Day.

Share Your Skills

We are looking for individuals, companies and groups to share their skills, talent and expertise with us. By donating your time and skills you can participate in this cost-saving initiative. So whether your company has the best salespeople around or you’re the best electrician in the business who wants to lend a hand we want you to share your skills and support Simon.

Share Your Skills was originally developed for companies to support people accessing Dublin Simon Services with external training and development opportunities. A number of initiatives have taken place through this such as computer classes, interview skills training and dressing for interviews.

While this initiative is still available to people accessing our services we have expanded the programme as a cost savings initiative so that companies supporting Dublin Simon can give us access to skilled areas that we might need for training up staff or for when working on new projects internally. Contact us today for more information.

Charity of Choice

By adopting Dublin Simon as your company’s Charity of Choice, you can build a strong personal relationship with one of Dublin’s best-known charities. Adopting Dublin Simon Community as your preferred charity over a period of time will help to forge a more personal relationship with us, as well as a greater understanding of the work we do. It will facilitate the time it takes for your company to get the full benefit from a sustained relationship. Dublin Simon Community will work to develop a programme of activities that match your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Corporate Giving

Corporate giving is a vital source of support to Dublin Simon Community. All corporate donations to Dublin Simon Community are eligible for tax relief at the corporate rate, reducing the actual cost of the donation. Corporate donations can be made to support any individual service you can also allocate your donation to a specific project or you can sponsor one of our many fundraising events.

Gifts in Kind

In kind sponsorship are very welcome whether they be products or services. Whether you want to donate CSR Corporate Charity a Christmas Hamper or help us to stock our shops by holding a collection day in your office we will work with you to determine the optimum Gifts in Kind required to assist us in achieving our goals.

Payroll Giving 

Payroll giving enables you to donate a fixed amount directly from your salary each month, benefitting those who need our urgent support here in the Dublin Simon Community.

Payroll giving is quick and easy to set up, all you have to do is download the form below and send it to your payroll department. Once processed you will become a monthly donor and be able to make a big difference to the lives of people we are trying to protect.
So start today and help us support those who need us most.