Making a Will

The idea of making a Will can be daunting, but it is something we all need to do for the sake of our families and loved ones. By making a Will, you can provide for the people you love and help make things easier for them after you are gone.

While you are drawing up your Will and have made provision for your loved ones, you can also take the opportunity to help rebuild the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

The Different Ways to Give in Your Will

We are very grateful for every single gift that we receive. Here’s a short guide to the different types of gift you can leave in your Will. If you’re not sure which is best for you, your solicitor will be happy to help you, but here are the most common types our supporters choose from:

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A gift of money in your Will

You can choose to leave us a specific amount of money in your Will. This is called a pecuniary gift.

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A share of your estate

Once you have taken care of your loved ones, you can leave a share of, or the remainder of your estate to us. This is called a residuary gift. 

Gift free iconA specific gift in your Will

You can choose to leave a specific item, such as property stocks, shares, furniture, jewellery etc. This is called a specific gift.

Our address is: Dublin Simon Community, 1-2 Cope Street, Dublin 2. Our registered charity number is CHY 5963. You’ll need these details if you are including us in your Will.