Soup Run/Dublin Homeless Service

Soup Run

Dublin homeless outreach service

The Soup Run was the very first Dublin Simon Community service. It still goes out 365 nights of the year and is often the first point of contact for people who want to link into our range of services.

The Soup Run consists of over 100 part-time volunteers who walk the streets in all weather offering soup, sandwiches, tea and a good chat if so desired, to people who are homeless around the city.

In conjunction with the Rough Sleepers Team, the Soup Run volunteers conduct street searches for people sleeping rough, maintain contact with them and try to help them form links back into the community. To contact the Soup Run team call (01) 889 5800 or email

Simon Social Club

Social Club

The Social Club offers a respite for many from the cold wet evenings. Karaoke, bingo, bowling and the cinema are regular activities that take place » »