Homeless housing & support services

Services - Housing & Homeless Support

Dublin Simon Community offer services and support to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. For information on our services please click on any of the links below and/or the sidebar.


Emergency & Outreach

Dublin Simon Community offer emergency accommodation and outreach services to provide people who are homeless with a place of welcome, warmth and safety. » »


Housing ServicesHousing Services

Dublin Simon Community provides both medium and high support housing. We also provide independent housing for individuals, couples and families » »

Treatment and recovery services Treatment & Recovery

Dublin Simon Community provide residential alcohol Detox, Recovery and Aftercare services for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. » »

Learning and DevelopmentPreventing Homelessness

Dublin Simon Community provide housing provision, tenancy sustainment & settlement services, housing advice & information services helping people who are homeless or at risk. » »

Counselling Service

Participation & Development

We believe meaningful activities are central to providing structure, purpose, wellbeing, intellectual stimulation, self-esteem and independence to people using our services » »



Donate Now

Your donation can help Dublin Simon Community provide services to over 3,500 people we work with every year who are experiencing homelessness » »