Homeless housing & support services

Services - Housing & Homeless Support

Dublin Simon Community offer services and support to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. For information on our services please click on any of the links below and/or the sidebar.

homeless man receiving sandwiches

Emergency & Outreach

Dublin Simon Community offer emergency accommodation and outreach services to provide people who are homeless with a place of welcome, warmth and safety. » »

Supported Housing

Housing Services

Dublin Simon Community provide both medium and high support housing projects for people who are homeless and unable to live independently. » »



supported to live independantlyTreatment & Recovery

Dublin Simon Community provide residential alcohol Detox, Rehab and Aftercare services for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. » »

Learning and DevelopmentLearning and Development

Our L&D service provides classes and workshops in a supportive environment with the aim of building confidence and self-esteem » »

Counselling Service

Simon Sure Steps Counselling Service

Dublin Simon Community's Counselling Service offers support and help to people who are homeless  » »

service usersClient Involvement

Client Involvement encourages people who use our services to become involved as partners in the decisions that affect their lives  » »

Donate Now

Donate Now

Your donation can help Dublin Simon Community provide services to over 3,000 people we work with every year who are experiencing homelessness » »