Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story

Your generosity enables us to provide continued support to people like Sarah who became homeless at the age of 18 and is now, with the help of Simon, pursuing her studies and living in her own place supported by Simon.

"I grew up with my grandparents. When they passed away I wanted to stay in the house, but once they were gone, I felt lost - it didn’t feel like home anymore. So I left without anywhere else to go. I tried to stay in the hostels but there was a lot of alcohol and drugs going around and I didn’t feel safe."

Without any support, Sarah resorted to rough sleeping.

"At the time I wasn’t dependant on drugs or alcohol, I had my little dog with me and we kept each other company. But being on the streets is a daily struggle and it wasn’t long before I started to drink a few bottles of wine just to get through the night... to get through the make me forget I was homeless. It was during this period on the streets that Sarah first came into contact with the Simon Outreach Team. Being one of the only girls on the streets is really frightening; I got bullied, beaten up and picked on. As time passed I began to take a lot of drugs, it’s unavoidable on the streets! Everyday felt like groundhog day and I wondered how it would end. However, it was always Simon that would look for me. They would make sure I was OK, had enough to eat and something to sleep on for the night."

With the help of Simon, Sarah entered a three month residential detox programme.

Once you have been homeless you tend to stay in that cycle, I saw it with people all the time. But I didn’t want to live like that anymore. Simon took me in along with my dog; as long as I had him I knew I could get through it. While in treatment I really got myself together. I took up boxing and football with the health and wellbeing programme, something I still do with them on a weekly basis."

This year Sarah completed her first year of a social studies course and lives in supported housing. She continues to be grateful for the role that Simon played in helping her re-build her life.

"I definitely would not be where I am today without the help of Simon. They really built up my confidence, held on to me and made me believe in myself. While in recovery I got the encouragement to apply for a course in social studies, something I would never would have dreamed of doing. I couldn’t believe how well I did in my first year exams, I was so proud of myself. When I finish college I want to help people who have been through the same things I have and in some way give back to the Simon Community.

"Some days are tough but I know living with the Simon Community I have a lot of support and that really makes the world of difference."

A gift of whatever you can afford will provide vital outreach, housing, treatment, prevention and education services, helping people like Sarah find their way home.


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