John's Story

John's Story

With your help we are able to provide support to people like John who, with the encouragement and care of Simon, has moved off the streets and is looking to a bright future.

"Drink took a hold of me at an early age and I used it as a way of coping with things that were happening in my life. Before I knew it, I became homeless and ended up on the streets."

“Living on the streets is not living, it’s an existence. You live from minute to minute. You walk with your head down. I didn’t want anybody to see me or notice me, I felt worthless.”

John came into contact with the Simon Community’s Rough Sleeper Team who referred him to Simon’s Treatment and Recovery services.

“I remember the day I made the decision to get the help I needed. I was suicidal, I’d just had enough. I was drained, both mentally and physically. When I came to Simon I had no skin on the bottom of my feet from walking the streets, my body was totally shattered.”

As his recovery progressed, John got involved with Simon’s Health & Wellbeing service that promotes and encourages exercise, nutrition and relaxation techniques.

“Simon helped me find myself again. Before I became homeless I played Gaelic, rugby, hockey, soccer and table tennis. You name it, I did everything! It was amazing to be given the opportunity and support to get back to what I loved.”

To coincide with RTE’s Operation Transformation programme, the Health & Wellbeing service introduced a similar routine for Simon clients. The service ran weekly classes on healthy eating and fitness.

“My time with Simon has been truly life changing. With the support of the guys in Simon, I focused on running and rebuilding myself. Before I knew it I ran five miles. I haven’t run that distance for 30 years! The programme has taught me discipline and routine.

“There’s more to homeless people than some might think, there are many hidden talents. I plan to go to college in September to study health and fitness. I want to become an instructor to work with young people with addiction issues, to help prevent them from going down the wrong path. People have said I’d make a good coach.

“Just five months ago I was so low, I contemplated suicide. It’s the furthest thing from my mind now. As far as I’m concerned it’s onwards and upwards. Sometimes you need a kick start and Simon gave me the kick start I needed.”

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