Adam's Story

Adam's Story

Adam became homeless at the age of 21 and has now, with the help of Simon, been able to step into independent living.

“When I was younger I would never have thought I would become homeless. I ended up on the streets because I was an alcoholic, I can admit that now. Acohol acted as a comfort and I was eventually asked to leave home because of my drinking. I felt like everyone in my life was giving up on me.”

Any time Adam managed to secure a long-term hostel bed his drinking would lead to him losing it again. His addiction meant he wasn’t able to break the cycle of homelessness. 

“Sleeping rough was never an option that I would have chosen. The fear and loneliness was unbearable at times. I hated being so vulnerable. When you are out on the street you feel invisible, amongst all the chaos your sense of worth gets lost in the noise. I was 26 before I realised I had a problem with drink. I was so caught up in the madness that it took me years to see it.”

In an attempt to tackle his addiction Adam made contact with the Simon Community’s Rough Sleeper team who referred him to the charity’s residential treatment services. “I was treated with the kindness you need when you come in off the streets because your spirits are so low. The support and key working that they gave me was crucial. You can go from detox to rehab and then onto aftercare so the service acts as a stepping
stone towards independent living.”

With the help of Simon’s SLI (Support to Live Independently) service, Adam has through the participation groups for people who have used their services. 

“I feel empowered by this opportunity as I now have a chance to give something back. I did some part-time volunteering and worked with the Rough Sleeper Team which I enjoyed as it allowed me to see the way I used to be but from a fresh perspective.”

Last year Adam completed the first year of his social work course and continues to be grateful for the role that Simon has played in helping him re-build his life. 

“Simon do all they can to help you move away from the things that have been holding you down for so long, enabling you to feel a part of something again – a community and new family. But they can only give you a hand up and then you have to work at holding onto it yourself.”

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