Reasons to Donate

Did You Know?

“In 2005 Irish charity shops ensured that more than 10,000 tons of clothes, shoes and household textiles, which would otherwise have been dumped in landfill, were either reused or recycled. This is equivalent of 1000 40-foot containers. More than 80% of the items were reused; the balance was recycled either as re-carded wool or cotton or as insulation and padding in the motor industry.”

Waste Management Hierarchy

“It takes more than 7,000 litres of water to produce a kilo of cotton! Whilst prevention and minimisation are the ideal, it is clear that given our Irish weather, we need clothes, shoes and bed linen. So what can you do?”

Everybody Wins!

Donors and supporters are able to help the people we work with everyday by donating and helping us raise money - feel good while you de-clutter your life! Dublin Simon Community gains both stock and the chance to take our message to a new audience, while being good to the environment! Plus, you also get to shop at recession busting prices for that something different…