The Mission Of Dublin Simon retain a home, by providing housing,

The Mission of Dublin Simon Community

Dublin Simon Community is focused on providing supportive services at all stages of homelessness and we are focused on providing supportive alternatives to people living in despair, enabling them to rebuild their lives and empower them to secure a safe home of their own.

Our Vision
Making home a reality.

Our Mission
Empower people to access and retain a home by providing housing, prevention, addiction treatment, emergency response and other targeted interventions, through advocacy and partnership.

Our Values
Community - We provide those associated with Dublin Simon Community with a sense of involvement, inclusion and belonging.

Respect & Empowerment - We are committed to showing respect to each other. Responsible conduct is expected from everybody in our community. We are also committed to creating an environment where volunteers, staff and people who use our services are empowered to improve their lives and that of their communities.

Excellence & Innovation - We provide services that are cost-effective, to best standards and we are constantly pioneering new and innovative delivery mechanisms for service provision.

Accountability & Integrity - We operate with transparency so that we are accountable for actions, individually and collectively. We are equitable and fair in all our dealings



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