Fifty Years Rebuilding Lives

This year we are marking 50 years since Dublin Simon Community first began. What motivated our first volunteers from Trinity College and UCD to set out on that cold February night onto the streets of Dublin still continues to be the driving energy of our experienced and trained volunteers and staff working across our services today.

It is hard to put into words, but ultimately it is the same compassion that motivates people like you to support our services and help the men, women and families who are facing some of the toughest times of their lives.

“It’s such a change going from a crazy world into the Simon Community where you have a warm bed, you have food and a shower and most importantly you have staff and volunteers around you that actually care.”
“It’s really important to feel part of a community and feel wanted like that because you don’t feel like that when you’re on the streets.”

– Sinead, Simon Client

Your Guide to Regular Giving

With your ongoing support we can continue to provide services to people who need them most.

A: Setting up a Direct Debit allows Dublin Simon Community to start new projects as well as develop new initiatives to assist people experiencing homelessness.

Not only that, it allows you to make a bigger impact with your donation! By setting up a regular donation you are making sure that we can plan for the future as well as cutting administration costs.

It’s easy to track how much you’ve donated and is totally flexible. By becoming a part of our community you are directly enabling our long-term provision and ultimately helping to get more people out of homelessness.

A: It’s easy! Just contact a member of our Fundraising Team on 01 671 5551 or email:

A: Your Direct Debit is totally flexible so you can cancel at any time. Simply contact your bank or a member of our Fundraising Team on 01 671 5551 or email:

How Your Regular Support Will Help

By setting up a Direct Debit we can put it to work where it is needed most and you can help provide our range of services at every stage of homelessness. You can sign up for a Direct Debit today by clicking on the link below:

If you need any more information on regular giving and how you can help please contact Brian on 01 671 5551 or email


A pack for our Breakfast Run to provide a positive start to the day.


A Personal Care Kit to give someone without a home back some pride.


An Emergency Support Kit to provide comfort to a person sleeping rough.


An evening of respite at our Social Club for a friendly chat and a cup of tea.


Towards a safe and warm bed for a night in our Recovery unit for someone trying to rebuild their life.

Sign Up for a Direct Debit Today

If you need any further information on regular giving or would like to learn more about our services please contact Brian on 01 671 5551 or email

*Tax Efficient Amount: If you donate €21 or more per month (€250 in a calendar year) Dublin Simon Community can reclaim tax from Revenue through their charity tax initiative. Visit to learn more.