Your help is urgently needed this Christmas

As the harsh winter nights close in, we are gravely concerned by the growing number of people experiencing homelessness, who are losing their homes to rising cost-of-living and a shrinking rental market. In these most trying times, these people need us more than ever.

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to help people like Liam, who slept rough on the cold city streets, spending many Christmas mornings completely alone, cold, wet and vulnerable. Nobody should be homeless when Dublin is their home.

Your support ensures we can reach more people like Liam and show them they are not forgotten. This Christmas, Dublin Simon will give them hope for brighter days ahead and make sure they know they’re not alone. Thanks to you.


€90 could allow our tenancy team to begin working with somebody who is struggling to cope and keep their home


€175 could provide free access to our Sure Steps counselling service to help people deal with the trauma and worry of becoming homeless


€250 would enable us to stay by peoples sides and help them access all the support, advice and assistance that they need in the longer term.