Our aim of our Homeless Specific* Short-term Addiction Treatment (Alcohol/Benzodiazepine Detox) is to provide a safe, supportive, medically assisted alcohol/benzodiazepine detoxification to facilitate adults in addressing their addiction and initiating the process of recovery.

“The first few days in detox I remember the welcoming faces of both residents and staff all saying the same thing: ‘You’ll be alright.”

– Gerry, Simon Client

The Detox unit has a capacity of 11 beds. We work with clients who are addicted to either alcohol or benzodiazepines, and tailor the medical intervention to the client’s needs dependant on their addiction. It is a low threshold** service targeted specifically at adults who are homeless and meet the criteria for admission*. The programme is of three to five weeks duration. There is a qualified nurse on duty 24 hours a day who will support clients to manage their withdrawals safely. The key worker will provide case management support in liaison with the referral agent.

There is a daily group programme facilitated by the key worker. In addition, wraparound supports are provided, such as one-to-one counselling, health and wellbeing, literacy, personal development.

The whole process is guided by the Clinical Governance for Quality and Safety framework.

**Low Threshold – By ‘Low Threshold’ there is no cut off point on methadone maintenance, and we do not demand a clean urine. Clients are allowed to leave the program for restricted times after the first week within the unit. As a team we work closely with clients to support with their needs, both medical and social whilst in the unit, in an attempt to help them to achieve their goals. As a consequence we tend to work with those people often excluded from services due to medication management, poly substance misuse and associated behavioural issue