Support My Legacy Week for Dublin Simon Community

This year Dublin Simon Community and 60 Irish charities are asking the public to consider leaving a legacy gift in their wills.

Justyna Drogomirecka, Fundraising Development Manager, Dublin Simon Community said “When people choose to leave a legacy gift to Dublin Simon Community they are supporting thousands of people who are currently experiencing homelessness and who have no place to call home. Many of our supporters have told us they intend to leave us a legacy gift; to help us continue our work in an uncertain world and we are extremely grateful for this kindness.”

Fergal O’Sullivan, Chairperson of My Legacy said “When you’re making your will, you will naturally look after your family and loved ones first. Once all other personal decisions have been made, you might want to acknowledge a cause you feel strongly about. This thoughtful support will have an impact in the future.”

You can learn more about leaving a tax-free gift to charity and find a local solicitor for My Legacy Week online at

About My Legacy

My Legacy is an umbrella group of 60 Irish charities. Our group vision is to create social change; to increase the low level of will making in Ireland at every life stage and to make legacy gifts the norm in Ireland and a widely recognised and respected way of supporting a charity into the future.  A charitable legacy gift is tax free.

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