Help people begin their journey home

Each night, people are enduring the harsh streets or are waking up somewhere they don’t feel secure

Many have no other option but to sleep on the cold ground, in clothes drenched from the rain, gathering whatever they can find to create some kind of shelter and protection from what the night might bring. Barely drifting off to sleep when they’re startled by a noise or someone walking by.

But because of people like you, every day Dublin Simon Community help people leave this nightmare behind and begin their #journeyhome. Watch our videos below to learn more about how we help.

This journey can start on the streets, where our soup run and rough sleeper teams are out 365 days of the year, engaging with people who are sleeping rough to provide food, healthcare, support and accommodation.

Another person’s journey can start when they get served an eviction notice and our tenancy advice teamwork to keep people and families in their homes. For others, it can be a referral to our specialist medical facility to access our detox, recovery or stabilisation and respite programmes.

Each year we work with over 6,200 people and families to provide these vital services and ensure that we’re there every step of the way to help people on their #journeyhome. Please support us today to ensure this life saving work continues.

Simon is still here and will be here for as long as we are needed. Supporters like you have made this possible.

For more information on our services or how you can help please call the Fundraising Team on 01 671 5551 or email




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