Dublin Simon’s Cold Weather Response

Dublin Simon Community has put a number of emergency measures in place to protect people who are homeless for the extreme cold weather period this week.

If you’d like to help with our emergency efforts during Storm Emma and our life saving work throughout the year:

Emergency Efforts in Place

  • In addition to the extra Extreme Cold Weather Accommodation that we currently have in place, this week we have further increased capacity in our Emergency Shelters to get people out of the bitter cold. This will run for the length of the bad weather spell and will be on a 24 hour basis.
  • Our Rough Sleeper Team will continue to operate day and night, seven days a week, helping people to access accommodation and medical services.
  • Our nightly Soup Run will be distributing warm clothing and food, and will be linking people in with our Rough Sleeper Team.
  • We are currently sourcing equipment such fire safe heaters, new duvets, pillows etc. for our accommodation services.
  • The Dublin Simon Rough Sleeper team are working with the Housing First team, the DRHE and other charities to coordinate outreach to people on the streets across Dublin.
  • In Dublin members of the public can report a person rough sleeping at HomelessDublin.ie and the Housing First team will link in with them. For anyone outside Dublin, please contact your local authority.

Donations are welcome to help our emergency and accommodation services in their efforts.

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