We are experiencing a housing and homelessness emergency in this country. With rising rents, an exodus of landlords leaving the market, adult children being forced to live in close confines with ageing parents, the phasing out of the eviction ban, and the chronic lack of social and affordable housing supply, it is increasingly difficult for people to find a stable home to live in.

We are working tirelessly to deliver homes to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we were able to help our client Jacqueline and her son move into their forever home. Jacqueline spent years moving around different accommodations until eventually Dublin Simon were able to find her a safe, affordable, secure home.

Another client of ours, Patrick, battled addiction. He has achieved sobriety and maintained it for 9 years. He is dreaming of one day having his own home. We want to continue to open doors for people like Patrick in their hour of need. Together, we have already rebuilt thousands of interrupted lives, but we need your support to continue to be there for the increasing number of people relying on our help. You can help us to do more.

A gift of €90 could help our tenancy team to begin working with somebody who is struggling to cope and keep their own home.

A gift of €175 could provide free access to our Sure Steps counselling service to help people deal with the trauma and worry of becoming homeless.

A gift of €250 could help provide long-term housing for people like Jacqueline, giving them a fresh start and the chance to put homelessness behind them for good.