Dublin Simon Community Social Club

Social Club

The Dublin Simon Social club is one of a kind and is run four times a week by our dedicated team of part-time volunteers. 

The purpose of the club is to encourage people who are homeless to get involved in meaningful activities while also having loads of fun.  Activities include drumming, bingo, table quizzes, bowling, cycling, museums, walking tours, art classes and many more. 

Entry to the club is by assessment and only members can attend.  This ensures a quality service and safe environment for both our residents and volunteers.

For more information or to volunteer call the Volunteer and Student Placement Office (01) 8895800 or email ptv@dubsimon.ie

Soup Run

Soup Run

The Soup Run is the original Dublin Simon service, founded in 1969. Today it continues to provide vital sustinence to people experiencing homelessness  » »