Dublin Simon Community Support to Live Independently (SLI)

Support to Live Independently (SLI)

Set up in October 2010, as a key service arising out of the re-configuration of homeless services, Support to Live Independently (SLI) is a service provided by Dublin Simon Community for the four Dublin Local Authorities. Staff are based in Fingal, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and South Dublin County and Dublin City Councils.

This service is provided for people moving from homelessness to independent living with the overall aim being to help people integrate into their local community. SLI also aims to inform people about where to find local and community services and supports in their area.

How It Works

  • A housing support worker meets with the individual regularly
  • A support plan is drawn up to assist with achieving goals
  • Sign-posting and up-to-date information on services, and support on how to use them, is provided
  • Practical support is provided with tenancy, education, training, employment, health, budgeting and independent living skills
  • Support in decision making and motivation is also provided
  • The quality of the service is ensured by regular case reviews and commitment to best practice
  • Further support is provided by Dublin Simon Community volunteers

How We Work

  • The SLI team consists of experienced Housing Support Workers who work individually with people in their homes and local communities
  • We work to ensure people are aware of and use the resources available to them
  • We support people in setting up their tenancies to live independently
  • We carry out assessments and support planning to identify goals and the steps to achieve them
  • We review cases regularly to find the best solutions with people using our service
  • Our key working sessions address the following areas: Tenancy Issues; Independent Living Skills; Welfare Rights and Budgeting; Community Supports; Training, Education or Employment; Legal Issues; Health and Mental Health; any other needs identified in the support plan

Accessing the Service

All referrals must come through the local authority. If you or a client wish to use the service please contact your local authority. For contact details of your local authority please click on the relevant link below. 

How SLI Works for You

  1. Your Local Authority will refer you to us when you are allocated a tenancy
  2. A housing support worker is assigned to your case
  3. A meeting will be arranged with you, your local authority and other workers involved in your case (if needed)
  4. We review any previous assessment and support plan with you
  5. Together we develop a new support plan to achieve your goals
  6. We meet regularly to work on the actions agreed in this support plan
  7. We review the support plan at regular intervals to check on progress and assess our work
  8. We help you to make links with supports and services related to your needs
  9. We will join you at the review of your tenancy with the local authority which will take place a few months after we start working together
  10. When your support plan goals are met and you no longer need our support, a final meeting will take place with the local authority to inform them

Contact Details

All referrals for accessing the service are through the local county councils (see above)

To contact Dublin Simon Community please call (01) 635 4888
Office opening hours are 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday, closed Bank Holidays



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