Dublin Simon Community Aftercare

Alcohol Support and Aftercare Service

Our Aftercare Service provide residential and non-residential low threshold post-treatment support programmes. Our service (self or agency referred) is open to individuals over 18 years old, who are registered as homeless, and are at least 10 days sober. People using the service attend peer support groups twice a week and meet, once a week, with the Aftercare Addiction Support Workers to continue building on the progress made in rehab in order to sustain a positive lifestyle that does not include alcohol and to live independently.

We do this by:

  • Using a holistic approach to identify issues contributing to addiction and homelessness
  • Using a holistic approach to address the individual’s needs around addiction and homelessness
  • Contributing to the education and empowerment of individuals around their addictions
  • Supporting individuals to establish support networks in preparation for moving out of homelessness so as to access ongoing mainstream support and re-integrate into mainstream society

The Programme

One-to one addiction support with an Aftercare Project Worker. Key working sessions address the following areas:

  • Addiction/Alcohol use
  • Jobs/Education
  • Money management
  • Social Life
  • Personal habits
  • Family relationships
  • Legal issues
  • Move on options/Accommodation
  • Communication
  • Emotional life

Group Work is facilitated by the Aftercare team.

The group programme, twice a week, has two main elements;

  • Relapse Prevention - where you develop and practice coping skills to deal with high risk situations and prevent relapse
  • Peer Open Support - where you can draw on the experiences of your peers to maintain and strengthen your recovery

Our Criteria

We work with:

  • Individuals (male and female) over 18 years of age
  • Recently resettled homeless people
  • Registered as homeless
  • Primary addiction is alcohol
  • At least 21 days alcohol free
  • Those prescribed medication by a medical practitioner

We are unable to work with:

  • Those that are not motivated to address their alcohol addiction
  • Those experiencing problems with other addictions and are not linked in with an appropriate support service or treatment centre
  • Those who are not willing or not able to engage in groups or with a key worker
  • Those diagnosed with major health problems who are non compliant with prescribed treatment

How Do I Apply

Please call or email Aftercare office for a referral form. The office is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Self referrals and Agency referrals accepted.

Contact Us

Phone: (01) 6350347 / 0348
Fax: (01) 6717660
Email: aftercare@dubsimon.ie 

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

People using our services can take part in classes and workshops in creative writing, art, literacy and many more  » »