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Fun Run Course Map

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The Distance: 5 Miles

The course for a Runner/Walker/Jogger....

First Mile
The Fun Run starts approximately a ½ mile from the Papal Cross down Acres Road and heads towards the Phoenix Monument. It takes a left turn at the Phoenix Monument and heads up the Main Road (Chesterfield Avenue) towards Mountjoy Cross.
The first mile (mile marker on Main Road before Furze Road) is very flat with a very slight incline. Your only real enemy here might be wind or rain.

Second Mile
The Fun Run progresses to Mountjoy Cross and takes a left onto Survey Road. Again, this part of the course is flat with no hills in sight!
The second mile mark is twenty metres beyond the junction of Furze Road and Knockmaroon Gate access road.

Third Mile
The road naturally progresses along Corkscrew Road and heads towards Chapelizod Gate. This part of the course is flat at the start of Mile 2 to downhill on passing Mile 3. It is by far the fastest part of the course, but don’t be fooled, what goes down must eventually go up! Enjoy the downhill but reserve your strength for the last 2 miles.

Fourth Mile
Starts downhill from the entrance to the Cheshire Home for say 300 metres and turns a sharp left (at the apex of the triangle at Chapelizod Gate) and proceeds uphill towards St Mary’s Hospital. This is the start of your uphill climb and continues right onto Serpentine Road which is snake like and steadily uphill. On the last curve of the road bends the course suddenly straightens out and proceeds sharply downhill. You have just hit the fourth mile at roughly 100 metres into the decline.

Fifth Mile
As stated earlier you are proceeding downhill at a rapid pace when you turn left onto the Kyber Road. Wheelchairs be careful as the bend is a sharp left and your speed will be at maximum here! Taking the left here leads you gently along the Kyber Pass after 200 metres into the Pass the road slowly but steadily proceeds uphill all the way up to the finish line at the triangle opposite the Papal Cross. This is a tough finish as the last ¾ mile is a steady uphill incline. You might, while training, incorporate some hill work to replicate the course.