Peter’s Story

Peter's Story

“I walked around Dublin city centre for six full weeks without even saying hello to anybody.” 

Peter experienced homelessness for several months and used to pass the time by walking for miles all over the city, carrying his life in a bag on his back. With the support of the Simon Community he has now secured a place of his own and has recently gone back to work.

“When I was experiencing homelessness I walked around Dublin city centre for six full weeks without even saying hello to anybody. I couldn’t face anyone. I just kept my head down and walked and walked. I did it to pass the time too. The days were so long and lonely, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. 

“Then I started to link in with the Simon Community who were working on the streets of Dublin. To be able to meet with the staff or have a cup of tea with the Soup Run volunteers meant so much to me. I knew they weren’t judging me and they understood what I was going though.


“Just to say hello to someone after six weeks, after not speaking to anybody for so long…that was worth its weight in gold. I’ll never forget that. I really won’t.”

“From then on I met Simon regularly. Meeting up with them became a big part of my life. The Rough Sleeper Team would check in with me and have a chat. It was re-assuring. They would ask me how my week was, how my health was.  

“I would go to the Mobile Health Unit every week to see the doctor. My feet were quite bad from all the walking I did. The Simon staff would be there and it was someone to talk to…someone who would listen and care. Your health and your wellbeing is everything, especially when you’re dealing with homelessness. You couldn’t get that service anywhere else. People on the streets would be lost without it.” 

“It was so important to have someone to meet up with and go through things that you’re dealing with. When you’re living without a home, even the simplest things become almost impossible. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say.” 

“The helpfulness and resourcefulness of the people who are involved with Simon is great. It really is brilliant. They helped me make my way out of that very dark time and gave me the support I needed to move on from homelessness. They were actually with me every step of the way.

“Now I have my own place. I’m back at work and get to be a part of a team of people. Things are on the up for me now. For a long time I didn’t think I would even get here. The Simon Community were my lifeline.”

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