Marie's Story

Marie's Story

“I was so panicked about losing my home but the Simon Community were there every step of the way. It made me more confident to always have somebody to turn to.”

“The first time I became homeless I was 16, I’ve never been in a place really. I’ve gone through nearly all of the hostels over the years. Then I had a break from homelessness when I got a flat where I was living with my daughter.

“After being there for three years my rent allowance was cut and I couldn’t make the rent. I tried to make the extra up myself but after a year I just couldn’t afford it anymore so I had to leave.

“Before I knew it I was back in homelessness. I had my daughter with me and she was in a good school. I wanted to keep that going so she went to live with my mum. There was no way I was bringing her into homelessness with me.

“I heard about the Simon treatment services from a friend and because I was suffering from addiction I put my name down for a place. I was in Detox for three weeks and then moved onto their Recovery service. I was in a bad way because I’d lost the flat. I really had just given up.”

“The time with Simon gave me what I needed to be able to come back stronger.”

“I was worried I would have to go back into hostels when I finished but because of everything I’d done with the Simon Community the county council were trying to get me a place so I didn’t have to go back to that.

“I was then accepted into a social housing scheme and got my apartment. I was introduced to Danny from Simon’s Support to Live Independently service to help me with moving in. Danny has been coming to visit me every week for the last six months. He helps with managing bills, linking in my community and accessing courses, I can talk to him about everything.

“Going through homeless services I was used to having staff around all the time so the regular support from Simon was vital when I had my own place. When I first moved in I was really nervous. I was just pacing up and down worrying about what needed to be done; trying to do everything so people knew I could cope.”

“I don’t think I was enjoying it at the start, I was just so afraid of my home being taken away and going back to homelessness. I’m more enjoying it now.”

“I’m now linking in with other Simon services such as Learning and Development to help me find training and employability courses I would like to do. I’m waiting to start one at the moment.

“Because of Simon, my daughter and I are back together again. She is living with me now and we just recently celebrated Mother’s Day. She got it me great presents and pieces for our home. It means so much.

“I feel secure in my place now. I can things at my own pace. I’ll enjoy this summer, I can’t wait for it. With the nicer weather my flowers are coming through.”

“Sometimes people ask would I not like a house but it’s only me and my daughter so I’m happy here. I’m just happy there’s a roof and that’s grand for me.”

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